Where is a good place for me to keep my piano?

A renner piano

Your piano is made of a mixture of materials, principally wood and steel. Now the properties of these two materials are very different. Wood is a natural material, It is relatively light, flexible and responds to both changes in temperature and moisture. It can warp. It can split. But it is also very good at resonating and amplifying sound. Steel on the other hand, is not a natural material, but it is heavy and still responds to temperature but not to moisture (apart from the dreaded rust, which shouldn’t be a problem in your piano). It doesn’t warp or split, but changes in temperature causes it to expand and contract, more so than does wood. So with such a mix of materials, with different physical properties, it’s important that you keep your piano in a place where changes of temperature and moisture (humidity) are minimised. So where is a good place?


Keep it indoors.

Obvious really, but a piano kept in the garden covered by a tarpaulin is not going to stay in tune or good condition for long, And untreated steel will go rusty.


Keep it in a room with a steady temperature.

This is less of an issue with modern houses, well insulated and centrally heated. But keep it away from windows, particularly south facing ones. Your piano does not need a tan! Even a double glazed, north facing window can be pretty cold in the bleak mid winter.


Keep it in a room with steady humidity.

So not the bathroom (really!) or the kitchen. Either will have big variations in both humidity and temperature. It’s often said that centrally heated rooms are very dry. If you suspect this, you can always put a container of water in the bottom of the piano case and top it up as necessary. I’d check it weekly at frst to see how long the water lasts.


Not right in front of a source of heat.

This is just like the south facing window. Whether it’s a central heating radiator or an open fire, the temperature will vary with time, and that’s what you want to avoid. And anyway, just in front of the open fire is exactly the right place for the bearskin rug!


So what’s the worst location we’ve seen?

Excluding the out of doors option, this has to be a conservatory. Big temperature variation, big humidity variation. The piano was having a hard time of it.

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