Why does my piano need tuning again?

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Well it’s a question that I am asked on a very regular basis. Pianos go out of tune for a variety of reasons one being piano strings are under immense tension. There is approximately 18 tons of pressure being exerted by the stretched steel piano strings. In a concert grand, it is close to 30 tons of pressure. The average string having about 160 pounds of tension. So you see with all that tension and pressure eventually the piano string will slacken and go out of tune even if the piano is not played. The amount of use the piano gets also plays a part in tuning stability. A piano that is played eight hours a day is going to go out of tune a lot quicker than a piano that is hardly played.

Temperature and humidity is probably the biggest reason your piano goes out of tune. The amount of pianos that are kept in a hot conservatory still amazes me. The wood in your piano expands and contracts as the temperature increases and decreases in your house, so a piano that is exposed to extremes of heat and cold will really struggle to stay in tune.

Finally, your lovely piano is a complex instrument with over five thousand moving parts. It is recommended that you should  get your piano tuned at least once and preferably twice a year which would give it the best chance to stay in tune longer.

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